RESURRECTION (Luke 7: 11-15)

Before resurrection can take place, there must have been death because it is only the dead that can be resurrected back to life. Death is the absence of life and it can be physical or spiritual. A life that does not produce fruits is dead. Therefore, a person can be physically alive but is spiritually dead. It is not enough to exist alone, to be alive means that you must bear fruits. Death is also not restricted to the physical body alone, marriages, businesses and careers etc. can be dead too. Whatever is dead in your life is resurrected in Jesus name.

The grave is the place of the dead. Like death, there are physical and spiritual graves. The (Spiritual) grave is known as the coven. It is a place where kindness and mercy are taboo. It is a pit (Job 33:18) that harbors the agenda of the wicked, where failure and sorrow thrives. It is a place of evil judgement, where the wrong is taken to right and the right is taken to the wrong. It is a dark place of cruelty (Psalm 74:20) where people are imprisoned and destinies are determined.

These are some of the cruel things that happen to prisoners of the grave:

1. They are always static and stagnant in life (Deuteronomy 2:3)

2. They are always stationed for disgrace. A spirit of resentment is always following them around. They have hidden evil marks that make them go into error. They usually do things that bring shame to them and their loved ones.

3. Good things are always hidden from them. Anywhere they are seen, disaster always happens.

4. They always experience spiritual armed robbery and evil manipulations.

A sinner is also a prisoner of the grave and he cannot be set free unless he accepts Jesus and becomes born again. Resurrection is synonymous to life and you don’t have to wait till Easter to experience the resurrection power of God. There is hope.
Whatever has positioned you for disgrace, may the Holy Ghost fire consume them in your life in Jesus name. Every power that has hidden good things in your life, they will begin to fail in Jesus name.
The deliverance service was extra-special because the Lord promised, through His son – Pastor Ola Olukoyede, that everyone present would be delivered. These were some of the cases that was dealt with, people with – unstable careers, abnormal sex lives, spirit of uncontrollable anger, bad luck, inability to hold on to a job, sickness, demonic images at home and work, strange marks and incisions, sex and eating in the dream, gunshot in the dream, near-success syndrome, seeing dead relatives in the dream and negative circumstances of birth. The power of God was present and moved mightily in the congregation. 10 people accepted Jesus to the glory of God while 85 people were in attendance for the first time.

I. Father! The reason why You died and resurrected let it be made manifest in my life in Jesus name.
II. Father! Every plant that You have not planted in my destiny, hear the word of the Lord – your time is up, loose me and let me go in Jesus name.
III. O God of Elijah! Arise and scatter every grave that harbors my blessings now.
IV. Father! Every strange voice speaking evil against me, catch fire now.
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