Welcome you all very specially to the month of October, the month of Double Grace. It is my prayer that the Almighty God will not forget you and your entire household, everything you would have lost in the time past you shall receive and recover this month of October in Jesus Name.

The story in this passage is a typical example of what the Lord can do within a reasonable period of time which can turn your enemies to a gazing and wondering doll. It does not matter what your background looks like, what people, who don’t believe in you, feel about you or even how you feel about yourself. God has the capacity to turn your life around just as He did in the life of Jephthah without permission from anyone.

It is my prayer for you that in the remaining three months left in this year the Lord will visit you and make your life a wonderful example of His miracle working power. He will touch every aspect of your life for good. You will not experience any loss in Jesus Name,

What can Grace accomplish in our lives this month?
1) Grace will avert every tragedy
Judges 11:1-2 tells us that the life of Jephthah started with tragedy. He was born by a harlot and thrown out of his father’s house, but by the time Grace was through with him he became a celebrity. Every garment of shame and tragedy in your life shall tear to pieces this month in Jesus Name.

2) Grace will give your enemies trouble and make you a solution to the trouble (Judges 11:4-6).

3) Grace will make your enemies bow before you.
Judges 11:9-11. All the people who chased away Jephthah including the elders all went to plead with him to make him their head

Prayer points
1) Bless the name of the Lord for all His manifold blessings over your life in the past nine months; thank Him for life, and the miracles of sleeping and waking up.

2) Father, let everyone who troubles me be troubled in Jesus Name.

3) Father, let all my enemies (spiritual and physical) bow before me this month in Jesus name

4) Father, let me be remembered for good throughout this month in Jesus Name.

5) Father, please do something new in my life this month that will make my enemies bow before me.

Shalom! God Bless you and have a wonderful month.