September 9, 2018 will remain A GREAT DAY of Joy to remember for the Redeemed Christian Church of God on the inauguration of the New Province, Lagos Province 72 carved out from Lagos Province 12.

The street of Sunday Adisa where the church is situated wore a new look. The church was well decorated and branded. The choir was well branded in new attire.

The role call included Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Johnson Odesola,
Assistant General Overseer (Admin/Personnel & Pastor in charge of Region One), Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.)Ola Adejubee (PICR Region 18), Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Olusegun, Pastor CAF & Pastor (Mrs.)Obasa (PICR Region 21, Ibadan) and Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Tayo Abiodun – Pastor in charge, Lagos Province 72).

The Hall had Zonal Pastors in sitting along with the Area Pastors. Pastors Adu and Olaniyan were also in attendance

It was also on record that maiden Province 72 Provincial Pastor, Pastor Tayo Abiodun, delivered the Welcome Address with applause from the congregation.
He indicated in his address that it was a great joy to be part of the church’s expansion of the Kingdom of God, through the preaching of God, discipleship, birthing of parishes and establishment of zones and areas.

He prayed to God to help Province 72 to play the role of fulfillment through the vision given to RCCG.
He expressed his appreciation for what God has done in setting up Province 72.
In closing, Pastor Odesola ensured the ministers to work with harmony and listening hears. The Assistant General Overseer joined hands with his wife to pray for and bless the church.
The church had 805 people in attendance.