POWER TO BRING FORTH (Genesis 1:9-12)

Again , I welcome you very specially to another great month in 2018. This year, I believe has been a glorious year for so many of us, the Lord has kept us alive to see and witness September, the ninth month of the year. It is my prayer for you this month that you will make it, your hands will not be empty of God’s blessings, and before the needs arise God will make provisions for you and your entire household. It is only good news that is heard from the abode of the righteous, throughout this month we will hear only good news from you and your entire household in Jesus name.
The ninth month of the year represents fruitfulness, which means having reward, making profits, moving forward, greatness, favoured by God, enlargement, increase and physical, mental and spiritual prosperity. I pray for you that all these will be your portion and the portion of your loved ones this month in Jesus name. But remember that what you are pregnant with will determine what you will reproduce or deliver. You need to be pregnant with great ideas for you to produce greatness. You have to be pregnant with strong and unwavering faith in the Lord for you to see the miraculous. Therefore, I encourage you to think large, expect large and believe strongly this month as the Lord helps you to bring forth the seed of greatness in you.

1. Thank God and give Him praise for all He has done for you thus far this year. Thank Him for the gift of life and for the miracle of sleeping and waking up.
2. Father! Greater than You have ever done in my life (and in blessings) please do for me in this month of September in Jesus name.
3. Father! Because this month is the month of fruitfulness, make me fruitful in all the good things of life in Jesus name.
4. Father! In all my going out and coming in this month, please go ahead of me and make every crooked place straight in Jesus name.
5. I shall give testimony every day of this month in Jesus name.