I was diagnosed with a kidney infection in June and my doctor told me that I would have to go through a major surgery to rectify it. I immediately called my daddy in the Lord and he prayed for me. I underwent the surgery, which lasted for about 8 hours and I came out successfully. I want appreciate Daddy and mummy for their support and prayers as well as other members of the church. I give God all the glory to preserving me, today I am standing on my two feet hale and hearty, thank You mighty Jesus!
Bro. A. D.

In April, when I joined this church I believed God for a piece of land. I travelled to the place I intended to purchase the land but I couldn’t wait to pay for it so I handed the money over to my brother to pay on my behalf. Eventually he couldn’t. During the June Breakthrough and deliverance service, pastor said we should ask God for a specific thing. I just simply told God that I needed a house. I had some doubts in my mind that since I did not yet have a land and I was asking for a house. However, I wrote it on paper that I needed a house. And pastor said before the next breakthrough and deliverance service God would have done it. Last week, my elder brother called me that a house was to be put up for sale at the site where I was to buy the land. I told him I did not have enough to buy a house yet, He asked me to send whatever I could raise which I did. To the glory of God, the house was sold to me at the very amount I had. I want to give God all the glory because today I am a landlord. God never fails!
Bro. E. O.

I am appreciate God for my aunt’s friend. She went to the bank to withdraw some money (about half a million naira) and to her amazement she was told that she had no money. She was devastated not knowing what to do. She informed me and I told a lawyer friend in church, who advised us to follow some processes which she did. However, the bank did not respond as fast as we expected. It was later discovered that somebody hacked into her account and had bought a lot of things online. The bank did not want to do anything but God raised someone for her. The person took up the matter and her money was retuned fully. I return all the glory to Jesus!
Sis. P. D.

On June 24th, I was going to pay my sister a surprise visit on the Island. I left home without eating anything that day even though I had ulcer. On getting to Surulere, I felt an intense pain in my stomach. I took some food and an energy drink and instead of the pain to subside, it got more severe that I could not even stand up. I managed to get to my Sister’s home and she had to carry me on her back to the hospital. The doctor said I was feeling something close to labour pains, so I was given a pain killer but the pain increased per hour. This went on for about three days and I started praying to God to please heal me. In the meantime, my sister started receiving calls and prophesies that she was about to lose someone close to her. I knew that this was beyond ulcer so I was taken to another hospital and after I was there for a week, nothing was diagnosed. It was then I remembered that I had not used the toilet for two weeks. And I couldn’t even take water and so I told the doctor I did not want any more medication as I was not improving and I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. After several scans and x-rays, the doctors discovered that there was a blockage in my intestine and it was the cause of the pains and indigestion. They said we would need ₦700,000 for the surgery and my sister was crying because we did not have such money. Surprisingly, a day later, the money came from where we least expected. I was transferred to another hospital where the surgery was performed. While the surgery was on-going, I woke up but I could not move any part of my body and I just asked God to help me. After the surgery, the prophecies kept coming that I was not going to live and the money was wasted. My sister kept crying because she was seeing a dead body in her dreams. But I told God that despite all this I was going to make it. I later had a dream about the rapture and afterwards I received my miraculous healing. I went for a check-up yesterday and the doctor was left surprised because the wound had closed up just after three weeks the surgery. I told him I serve a living God! I am alive today because God kept me. Praise the Lord!
Sis. O. M.

I was very ill last weekend, I took a few drugs and felt better. I’m grateful to God for the healing. I am also thanking God on my father’s behalf. He became ill a while ago and we thought that he wasn’t going to make it but I thank God because yesterday, he celebrated his 60th birthday. Halleluiah!
Bro. F. A.