I welcome you all to a new month, this month of August is the month of A New Beginning in God’s scheme and agenda for your life. This month, I see your destiny and everything that has to do with you rising and shining in Jesus name. According to the passage, the LIGHT of your life has come to shine this month and no power of darkness shall overshadow you in Jesus name. I can also see the GLORY of the Almighty God rising upon you and all yours. When God gives a new beginning, the following will be made manifest:

1. A NEW THING – In Isaiah 43:19, the bible says God will cause a new thing to spring forth. In other words, it shall be obvious, made manifest and everyone will see and know it. A new thing means God will deliver a new miracle that will cause one’s life to experience a new beginning. There will be a complete U-turn and departure from one’s old wretched way of life, thus making a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. In Numbers 16:30, a new thing could also connote God destroying every form of hindrance and obstacle to our progress. I decree that every mountain standing between us and our miracles this month shall give way in Jesus name.

2. NEW MERCIES – (Lamentation 3:22) God will avert any disaster or plan of the enemy to distort your dreams and desires. The mercies of the Lord will avail for you this season in Jesus name. While the Grace of God brings to us His Blessings and Glory which we do not deserve due to who we are or used to be, His Mercies take away all forms of disaster and evil that ordinarily should have come against us. When new mercies operate in our lives, we become threats to the kingdom of hell and this shall be our testimony this month in Jesus name.

3. NEW NAME – (Revelation 2:17) This means a change of identity and status to a more glorious one. I decree that every name God has not given you which circumstances and enemies have assigned to your life shall be blotted out today in Jesus name. I see God giving you a new name and giving your life meaning once again. This month is your month, be expectant, great things are coming your way. God bless you.

Prayer Points

I. Thank God and give Him praise for bringing you into the month of August. Thank Him for helping you thus far in 2018. Thank Him for the gift of life and miracle of sleeping and waking up each day.
II. Father, in this eight month of the year which is the month of rest, grant me rest from every unfruitful labour In Jesus name.
III. Father, I decree and declare that in the month of August, let my help come from the east, west, north and south.
IV. No weapon of the enemy formed or fashioned against me this month will prosper in Jesus name.
V. Wherever I go and whatever I do this month, goodness and mercy shall follow me in Jesus name.

Shalom and Happy New Month.