SILENCING THE VOICES OF THE ENEMIES (Zechariah 11:9; 1 Kings 18:40; Matthew 2:19; Genesis 38:7&10; 1 Timothy 6:12; Lamentations 5:7 – 9)

These are 6 facts of life:
1. Before you became born again, whatever possession of yours that the enemy took will still remain with him after you becoming born again (no matter your faith or anointing) unless you address it in prayer.

2. There are two categories of problems: Surface Problems and Deep-Rooted Problems (which can only be solved with violent prayers).

3. It takes battle for you to possess your possessions in life.

4. It takes a greater battle to retain your possessions in life.

5. Some breakthroughs will not come until the judgement of God has cut off all oppositions.

6. The devil that fought your parents or ancestors to a standstill is waiting to fight you.
When it comes to deep-rooted problems, 99% of the time, you don’t know where they originate from.

I. Every wickedness in your life shall be slain by God in Jesus name (Genesis 38:7).
II. The Lord will silence the voice of the enemy over your life in Jesus name (Psalm 55:1 – 3).
III. Whosoever is attacking you is displeasing the Lord, and He will slay them in Jesus name (Genesis 38:10).
IV. Every sword of the wilderness over your life shall backfire in Jesus name (Lamentations 5:9).
V. Every problem you don’t know about that has attacked and held you down, the earthquake will exhume it from your life in Jesus name.

A. Father! Wherever I have lost the battle, Holy Ghost relocate me now!
B. Father! Wherever I have lost it, Holy Ghost You know all things, locate them now!
C. Every glory aborter in my life, enough is enough, I come against you in the name of Jesus, catch fire!
D. Father! Every power mocking my prayer, destiny and faith; by the power of the Holy Ghost, catch fire

The first step to retaining your miracles is becoming a born again Christian, and 2 people became born again Christians during the service while there were 72 first timers. Next month’s theme is Silencing the Voices of the Enemies Part 2, plan to be there …