The last weekend in May, 2018 was a first of its kind in City of Refuge. We held the inaugural Life Summit with Pastor Femi Atoyebi, a senior pastor with RCCG, where he taught the church for a duration of three consecutive services on the Dynamics of Wisdom and Focus from 6pm, Saturday 26th May till 12pm, Sunday 27th May, 2018. Pastor Femi, a former Pastor-in-charge of RCCG Region 2, is a prominent lawyer, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and a prolific minister of the Word of God. His message highlighted on wisdom principles for wealth creation and sustenance, below is a brief summary.

Message title: DYNAMICS OF WISDOM AND FOCUS (Proverbs 4:7, 24:3 – 6).
Wisdom, which is the application of knowledge, is required to achieve success. God has made success available for as many who have wisdom, and this causes them to be blessed (Psalm 1:1 AMP). These are some wisdom nuggets, if applied and adhered to, that will transform your life for the better on all sides.

1. Be led by the Spirit of God and not your flesh nor emotions. When you turn to God, He will guide you (Psalm 32:8, 48:14 and Deuteronomy 8:18).

2. When you make a vow to God, pay it as quickly as possible. Do not promise God what you do not have the capacity to give Him (Ecclesiastes 5:4 – 5 and Deuteronomy 23:21 – 22).

3. When you give to God (including your time and services), always expect to get something in return. Failure to do this will result in lost blessings. God does not grant wishes, He honours your expectations (Proverbs 3:10, 23:18, 24:14, Genesis 8:21 and Luke 6:38).

4. You must learn the secret of giving your seeds specific assignments. Every seed sown by nature of creation has an ability to reproduce (Genesis 1:11).

5. Harvest comes from God through man. Look unto God alone and focus on Him as your source, do not look at the ability of man in order to be blessed (Psalm 17:14, 118:9).

6. Have respect for money. God rewards management more than giving. Learn the principles of (money) management if you want God to keep blessing you (Psalms 109: 17).
P.S. God does not give money, rather He gives ideas to make wealth. May God give you an idea that will be a solution to people’s problems in Jesus name.

This is a snippet into the wealth of divine knowledge that was released over the weekend, if you want the full package of the message, contact the publishers of this bulletin.