JOY IN THE MORNING (Psalm 30:1 – 5)

It is the desire of the Lord to see His children joyful. Joy is always around when the presence of the Lord is with you (Psalm 16:11).

What is Joy?
It is the refusal to be subjected to sorrow. It does not mean happiness, it is much deeper. It is grace to overcome suppressive moods. It is deliverance from overbearing negative influences. It is refusal to be submissive to any form of psychological trauma. It is allowing the glory of God to shine forth in your life.
The night represents a time of darkness, sorrow, lack, weakness, confusion, and hard labour without reward. Your night of failure is over today and I welcome you to your morning of joy in Jesus name.

How Do You Provoke Joy?
1. You must trust in the Lord (Psalm 7:1). Put your trust completely in God.

2. You must to learn to declare the words of victory to yourself regularly. Focus on the good things about yourself, not the negative.

3. Anytime you are faced with challenges and afflictions in life, always remember that PRAYER works (especially midnight prayers). If you don’t pray to avert disaster, you will pray when it (disaster) comes.

4. Identify with the source of joy – JESUS. There is nothing in this world that can guarantee joy. You must know Him as your personal Lord and saviour to gain everlasting joy.
As early as 5:30am on Saturday, 26th May, God had started bringing His people into the church auditorium for the month’s Breakthrough and Deliverance Service. It was a service which God had ordained to liberate as many that were present. This was evident when Pastor Ola began his ministration. Among those in attendance (with 47 new members), these were some of the issues addressed:

• 18 people whose problems had defied solutions (their miracles started in the service).
• 2 young women who had spells placed on them.
• A 34 year old man with sight problems (the Lord transferred the blindness into the eyes of the sender).
• 77 people received a testimony (through the Holy Spirit).
• A man who lost money in a property deal.
• A woman with fluctuating menstrual cycle.
• People with dying organs.
• Persons trapped in evil nets.
• Anyone afflicted by a network of witches and wizards.
• Evil diversion of blessings, breakthroughs and good things.
At the end of the service, 4 people surrendered to Jesus. Do you desire liberation? Do you want God to do a new thing for you? Do you need breakthrough? Don’t miss next month’s service.

A. Father! Every plan of the enemy to divert good things from my life be destroyed in the name of Jesus.
B. Father! Every sacrifice offered on my behalf, working against me and making my testimonies unstable; whatever altar it is offered upon, I command both the altar and sacrifice to catch fire in Jesus name.
C. Father! In whatever way I have been entrapped in an evil net, I release myself by fire in Jesus name.