I was away (in Northern Nigeria) for a three month course, when I got there I asked God to give me grace to serve Him more and He granted my request. We were able to plant a church and the three Zonal Pastors I worked with asked me to pioneer the place. I was surprised because the church was far from my station and I had to travel through a desert-like area to get there. However, on our first service which was Easter Sunday, we had 47 people in attendance and to the glory of God, people volunteered to be workers in the same service. Over the following weeks, they requested to have their weekly programs. The parish was successfully established with functioning departments by the time I was leaving. I give glory to God for giving me the grace and not letting me disappoint Him, and as per the course I was there for, I successfully completed it with an award.
Deacon A. A.

I am thanking God on the behalf of my younger brother who has been married for 19 years in the United Kingdom. I called his wife last year and told her that this year we would rejoice with her. God did it late last month, she was delivered of a bouncing baby boy after 19 years of marriage. Also, I travelled to Ghana on a business trip and on my way back I decided to go through Idiiroko road. At Atan, some of the custom officers asked that the entire load in the truck be offloaded. I was panicking in my heart and I was just praying that God would intervene and not allow my goods be detained. The supervisor suddenly came to me and another passenger as we stood by the vehicle. He asked us to remove our goods and as soon as we did the remaining goods were seized. God is indeed faithful!
Sis. F. O.

I thank God for the salvation of my soul and for counting my family worthy to still be among the living. I thank Him for what he did in April, 2018. I remember that Daddy G. O. said the clothes we wore to the Holy Ghost Service in March were anointed and that we should use it. Two weeks after the programme, I felt that I was always feeling weak and sick, and I laid on my bed thinking of how to get malaria drugs to treat myself over the weekend. As I lay there, I felt inspired to put the anointed clothes on. As soon as I did, I fell under the anointing of God and was totally healed. I concluded that of a truth, there is God!
Sis. M.

My sister gave birth to a baby boy last month and she also got her right to stay in London. I am grateful to God because that is what we have been hoping and struggling for and God has shown the United Kingdom that He is God. Praise the Lord.
Sis. A. O.

A few years after I was married my husband lost his job at Aluminium City as a project supervisor because he had some issues with the South African Managing Director. After he left, he established an engineering firm with his friend and they were doing well until they had a problem and they parted ways. During this period life became very difficult for me. The responsibilities at home now rested on me. I knew how I suffered and prayed. The two areas I did not let suffer were the children’s education and feeding. When the going was good my husband bought five cars and a land in Ikorodu which he built up to lintel level. All this while, I kept praying and for over 8 years, my prayer request was ‘God bless my husband.’ One day in the service, pastor mentioned that a woman was in the service and she was the one feeding the family and is not happy about it. I knew it was me because I immediately fell under the anointing. The following day, I brought my husband to the church for counselling. One day an RCCG pastor’s wife told my husband that he would be blessed around October and that he should tell his wife to pay a thousand naira in church every month. I started doing so. Late last year, a highly connected lawyer who my husband had once worked for called him saying that he had been searching for his number. He said he should come bid for a contract in an oil company. We started the process and we had to quickly register the company name again because he had no valid registered company and that was how my husband won the contract. Last week, we moved into the apartment my husband bought in Lagos! I know there are people looking for this kind of blessing, as you stay steadfast in faith, the Lord will answer you. Praise the Lord!