Whatever belongs to you that the devil has kept in his warehouse, which he doesn’t want to release, you have to take it back by force. It takes battle to possess your possessions and greater battles to these possessions. It is not enough to silence the voices of the enemy, but it is important to exercise your divine authority to command your blessings.
These are 2 Keys to Exercising Your Authority:

1. The Hand of God (or the Presence of the Lord) (Exodus 33:14 – 15): The Hand of the Lord upon your life is confirmed and manifested by the Presence of the Holy Spirit. You cannot exercise your believer’s authority without the Hand of the Lord upon your life. Only the Hand of God can deliver you and it operates with the Presence of the Holy Spirit. However, before the Hand of God can rest upon you, every mark of satan on you must be blotted out. And the mark of satan can only be blotted out with the Blood of Jesus.
The only time the Lord will be able to exercise His authority in your life is when you are in the valley; and the valley experience leads to testimonies (Luke 4:1 – 2).

2. The Key of Valley Experience (Ezekiel 37:1): What your valley experience will do for you is to activate your authority, and what you do in the valley will determine when and how you get out of there.
The Breakthrough and Deliverance Service is a service where chains are broken and Saturday, 21st April was specially ordained for such a purpose. Pastor Ola Olukoyede began his ministration by addressing these peculiar cases according to the Lord’s instructions:
A person who had been tied down by the enemy and fed with grass (spiritually) for 6 years which is likened to the bread of sorrows (Psalm 127:2). 3 people whose hairs had been spiritually scraped off meaning that their glory has been weeded off. And a person who was 21 years backwards.
Targeted prayer points were raised to address these cases and the power of the Holy Spirit manifested mightily in the auditorium and extensions. There were 3 new converts on the day and 34 first timers. Invite someone to this month’s edition. For more details, connect with our social media accounts on the back page.

Prayer Points and Decrees
i. Every demonic chain that the enemy has used to tie me down, I command them to catch fire in Jesus name.
ii. Everyone standing on my way to progress, the Lord will destroy them in Jesus name.
iii. Father, every voice speaking me against me, disqualifying me from greatness, I decree – Be silenced in the name of Jesus!
iv. Father, every satanic serpent that has swallowed my blessings, in the name of Jesus, wherever you are – vomit them!
v. Every demonic mark upon me that takes away good things, Blood of Jesus deliver me now!