Look for activities you can enjoy throughout the year like fitness classes, tennis, golf and swimming. Find an activity per time that makes your life full, enriching and alive.
The rewards of a healthier you are worth time and effort. Use your muscles to keep your whole body strong. If you are unable to go outside to exercise, use the stairs in your house. Run up and down them or exercise to a video. Every bit of exercise helps, even bending down when getting something out of a low cabinet or doing leg lifts while on the phone can help to keep you in shape.
I have some friends who choose to do their house chores themselves. Don’t just sit down at home allowing your housemaid or people living with you to do all the work, get involved and stay healthy.
Eat properly every day for energy. Food is the fuel our bodies need, and making the right food choice will keep us going. For some people losing weight or keeping weight off is almost impossible. I don’t mean to minimize this hardship, so I suggest going to a weight-loss professional who would work with you.

Here Are Some Basic Helpful Tips For Weight Loss
1. Dieting isn’t necessary, instead concentrate on eating the right foods. Stay away from fatty foods and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains.

2. Try to eat three or four small meals a day instead of one or two larger meals.

3. Never skip meals or else your body will try to compensate for it and hold on to food for much longer than necessary.

4. Do not eat at fast food restaurants unless you can order something healthy. It’s best not to go there at all.

5. If you love chocolate or sweets, choose one kind and have a small piece; but the best is to do away with sweet things altogether because they make you go bigger.

6. Be aware of high energy foods. These are often quick and convenient, and can keep you going through a hectic day. Remember, as you are going through your day, to drink lots of water as we all need at least eight glasses of water daily. Water helps the conditions of your skin, aids digestion and helps you to control your food intake. Carry water bottles in your car or purse at all times and drink.

7. Learn to control the stress in your life. Make time your friend and not your master. Learn to say ‘No’ to the unimportant and ‘Yes’ to the important.

8. Learn and practice deep relaxation. Just taking a deep breath can take away some stress. Listen to music when caught in traffic or use that time to pray instead of worrying. Another thing you can do is to always carry a book with you so that you can read while waiting on a queue. Finally, always meditate on happy things.