I want to thank God for being so wonderful in my life. It’s been three years since my husband left us, God saw us through all the challenges the enemies raised during this period. God has been with us, I thank God for our mummy in the Lord who kept encouraging me. I also thank God for all the elders, they stood by us and supported us through the periods of my husband’s illness until his demise. They kept visiting us even at the hospital and at home. God was indeed on our side, He answered my prayers and never left me for a moment. I bless the name of the Lord! – Anonymous

Since I got married, God has continued to specially bless my family every March (the month I was wedded). In March, I got a miracle Job even when my results were not yet ready. In March, God blessed my husband with a car. And last year, I told my husband that God was going to do something wonderful again … and He did. He blessed me with three things, first was a miracle alert I never begged for. Secondly, He helped me to start a project that had long been delayed, while the third one is yet to fully manifest fully. I give God all the glory because that which He has started in our lives, He will complete and give us the result in April. Praise the Lord! – Sis. D. M.

For the past month, I have been unable to attend church services. I was returning from work on a Wednesday when I began to have a sick feeling. When I got home, my wife said there was something on my head that looked like a boil. Later she checked my body and concluded it was malaria, and that was how the sickness started. I could not wear any clothes for three weeks because I was seriously itching all over. I would make up in the midnight and suddenly start dancing without any music. It was so bad that each time we put on our generator, I would just start dancing. My wife would scold me and say that I should try to control myself and stop behaving like a child, but I couldn’t. I give God all the glory that today I am healed, I can wear clothes and attend services. Praise God! – Mr O. A.

This time last year I was recovering from a terrible ailment. I had been vomiting blood and was rejected from four hospitals. I did tests but nothing was found. I thank God for his divine healing. I also thank God for my son. I was always taking him to the hospital every now and then. My husband told me to challenge God with a 21 day vigil and I did. To God be the glory, since December my son has not gone on any admission in the hospital. I give Him all glory, honour and adoration! – Sis O. O.

I thank God for my first year wedding anniversary, for blessing my family with a child and adding a year to my wife this month. I just want to thank God. Halleluiah! – Bro K. D.