An enemy is –
A. Any power assigned to sabotage the assignment of heaven for your life.
B. Any power that is unhappy about your progress.
C. Any power that resents your power to increase and be celebrated.
D. Any power that is assigned to kill your potentials (like sickness).
E. Any power that strengthens what God wants to remove from your life.

I. Audible Voice – There are two kinds of this voice:
a. Audible voice that everybody around will hear.
b. Audible voice that only the hearer can hear.
II. Inaudible Voice – This is a voice that propels your destiny without your knowledge. It scares people away from you without you knowing. Examples are:
a. The voice of the coven (a synagogue of witches and wizards).
b. The voice of polygamous affliction.
c. The voice of ‘you-will-never …’

Every voice has its power, meaning and expression. The voice you obey determines your destiny. Listening to the right voice is a master key to success and breakthrough, while listening to the wrong voice is a recipe for disaster. Most of the persons who commit suicide hear strange voices.
To silence the voices of the enemies you need:
1. The key of wisdom (Exodus 35:31).
2. The Key of Violent Prayers.
3. The Key of Holiness and Sanctification (1 Timothy 6:12).

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Wisdom, and you need Him in order to deal with the power of satan. In spiritual warfare, the Spirit of Wisdom tells you when to speak and when to keep quiet. The Spirit of Wisdom also helps you to choose the weapon of battle to adopt per warfare (2 Chronicles 20:15-22).

The Spirit of Wisdom will help you to identify your enemies, and He will also help you to identify which gifts to receive and reject. Joshua conquered all his enemies because he was filled with the Spirit of Wisdom (Deuteronomy 34:9). May God grant you wisdom in Jesus name.
However, if you are not born again, you cannot stop hearing the voices of the enemies. A life of holiness is a weapon; and education does not stop the voices of the enemies from controlling your life.

May you not hear any mysterious voice that will turn you into a nuisance and servant of satan in Jesus name.
During the service, 142 peoples’ lives received a touch of transformation and grace to change their world; while God performed surgery on a woman, who was slated for surgery, and 9 people became born again. This extended service, which lasted nearly 4 hours, also featured impartation for women who sought the fruit of the womb.
With 49 first-timers, attending the April edition would be wise.

1. Father! Everywhere I have lost my glory, Lord help me locate it now!
2. (Shout ‘Jesus’ and ‘Holy Ghost’ 7 times each) Whatever I have lost, Holy Ghost locate it now!
3. Father! Every satanic voice mentioning my name for evil, in the Mighty name of Jesus, catch fire!!!
In the name of Jesus, God will use your life as a demonstration of His goodness in Jesus name.