Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 RCCG City of Refuge Zone hosted Regional Evangelist, Pastor Samuel Macdallys for a special service tagged “HEAVEN & HELL” from 6 pm with the choir leading praise and worship.
Afterwards, Pastor Ojo (RCCG Open Heaven Area) mounted the pulpit for the opening prayer and introduced Pastor Macdallys for the night’s ministration.
Pastor Macdallys is the Regional Evanglist for RCCG Region One and his sermon was ocused on ‘HEAVEN’ with bible texts – Isaiah 66:1, Revelation 12:7, Genesis 1:1, John 8:32, Exodus 15:26, Jeremiah 11:37, and Isaiah 57:15. The Evangelist asked the audience if they were prepared to go to heaven, if Jesus came that night; urging all to have such mindset. He asserted that heaven and hell exists, and everyone has to work out their salvation, individually, with fear and trembling to go to heaven.
He emphasized that these were the end times and stated the conditions for entering heaven:
1. You must be born again (John 3:3).
2. You must be sanctified, because it helps you to life holy (John 17:17).
Pastor Macdallys ended his ministration with an altar call that brought about 45 new converts. There were 312 people in attendance that night, with 22 being first timers.