2016 was a glorious and bitter year for my family. First, we lost my brother, then my father lost a vehicle, but little did I know that the Lord was taking us to a better place. These incidents beclouded us so much that we felt that the whole world was coming down on us. Towards the end of the year, my brother was hospitalised. At this point, I was so bitter (in my heart) that I did not even see what God was doing. At our house, there was a particular Muslim man who was always on our toes. We kept on having quarrels day and night. It was so much that we frequently visited the police station for settlement. However, I kept on praying the God who chased the Egyptians into the red sea to help us overcome. One morning, as I came out to sweep, this man brought a kettle and poured water all over me. He then started chanting some Arabic words. I wanted to respond but the Holy Spirit said I should keep quiet. That week God brought that man to nought; He (God) buried him without us even knowing. In the same year, God brought us out of that house, and took us to the promise land. I bless the Lord God almighty!
Sis. P. F.

After the Christmas break, on my way back to resume at my place of primary assignment (for NYSC), I was involved in an accident from which I sustained injuries, but the pains did not last a week. Secondly, I am thanking God for healing me of a strange boil. It was so painful that I could feel the pain in my brain. My sister and I woke up to pray on a certain night and she suggested that I tie the handkerchief Daddy Go prayed on during the last Holy Ghost Congress. I did, and when woke up the next morning, the pain had gone but the boil was still there. I told myself that if the pain could go with just one, I would use the other handkerchiefs. I took all three and tied them together; then I prayed and went to bed. The next day, the boil opened by itself and the pus came out. I learnt to pray three prayer points when I joined this church: God gave us the covenant of life, the fragrance of favour is all around me and that money will meet money in my hands. These prayer points have worked for me. God is indeed faithful even to the faithless!
Sis. C. N.

God has favoured my family in the Nigerian Armed Forces. My husband had been eligible for a particular position in the force since 2016 but he was always denied, we discovered that this post was given to Muslims and northerners. In 2017, He called to inform me that we should start praying as he was applying again. I called a few brethren and we began to pray. On a fateful morning in December, he called to say that the list was out and his name was not included. I was heartbroken, even some of his junior officers were selected for the position. He only said that if it was the will of God for him, he would be given the post. I was about going out and the Holy Spirit told me to go back inside to pray and I did. I prayed that this position is the food for God’s child and it should not be given to dogs, I told God that if my husband name would not be included then the list must be cancelled. Lo and behold, around 6:30pm, he called to say that the initial list was cancelled and on the new list, his name came first, and the position was approved of immediately. Secondly, I got a new maid, as usual I anointed her and prayed for her with the handkerchiefs we brought from the Holy Ghost Congress. After a few weeks, we discovered, she (maid) was having some strange feelings; anytime I pray in my room, she would be making all sorts of noises. On the third Sunday in February, Pastor said, “some people will leave your life don’t beg them to stay.” We came back from church that evening and discovered she was nowhere to be found, so we reported her missing to the authorities. The next day, a neighbour alerted us to a farm, where we found her not in the best of conditions (she looked like a mad person). When she was questioned, she said that she was not comfortable living with me because I use to pray and fast. I thank God because she was unable to perpetrate any evil in my house before she left. Praise God!
Mrs. M.

I want to thank God for promoting me at my place of work and I received all my benefits, after acting for two years. Last September, a group of drivers conspired against me at my workplace because I disciplined one of them. They made allegations against me that nearly cost me my job, but God took control and vindicated me after all investigations. I bless the name of the Lord for his faithfulness!
Bro A. S.

Since the beginning of the 50 days fast, I had been telling God that I needed a new job; and He answered my prayer and gave me a new Job. Praise the Lord!
Bro. F. O.

Before I got married, a strange voice was always telling me that I would never give birth in life and it always came very strong, then I realised that I was already sinking into it and believing it. I got to know that this is not the promise of God for my life and started countering it anytime it came. I got married last March and to the glory of God, nine months after God gave us a baby girl. I thank God for silencing the voice of the devil over my life. I also appreciate God for safe delivery and divine protection throughout the pregnancy. Hallelujah!
Mrs. A.

I thank God for His mercy. Two weeks ago, on my way from work, I wanted to cross the road. I had crossed the first lane waiting for the second. I ensured there were no more cars coming. As I stepped on the road, I didn’t know where this Motorbike (Okada) came from, the next things I know that I fell down and I heard voices saying, “the okada did not even stop,” I wanted to get up but my heart was very heavy. All I could do was raise my hand to beckon for help. I thank God that there were no oncoming vehicles while I was seated on the road. People came and helped me across the road. I bless the Lord because He has been so good to me. I want to appreciate God for our Pastor because he asked us to pray that we will be at the right place at the right time. Thank God I prayed. I also appreciate God for giving my family a very big breakthrough. Praise the Lord!

I want to thank God for providing my husband with another job after he resigned since 2016. In addition, during the cross-over service my family had just ₦1,000 left and we brought it to church for offering. This week, my husband sold a property worth ₦32million, of which we will receive 5% from both the buyer and seller. –Anonymous
I praise the Lord for dissolving 3 seeds of fibroid in my body, for divine provision and deliverance from spirit husband. – Anonymous
On February 2017, I contracted an autoimmune blood disease called Hives. Unfortunately, it persisted from the acute stage to chronic Hives and the fatal stage (Angioedema), after several months. In December, I was healed of this affliction and shame. Praised be the Lord. During this same week, God answered my prayers for a life partner. – Anonymous
My elder brother fell sick and was taken to the psychiatric hospital at Yaba, Lagos. While he was there, he was given an injection to make him sleep, but after my mum returned from getting his things from home, he was missing. We searched the hospital and the neighbouring streets, but he wasn’t found. I ran to pastor as soon as I heard, and he asked me to bring an anointing oil and my brother’s full name. He prayed over the oil and his name, and that evening my brother walked into the house by himself. Praise God! – Anonymous.
I first attended BDS in March, 2017 after I lost my job on March 6th, 2017. I came and Pastor mentioned my case and to the glory of God, I got two jobs between May and December, 2017. Praise the Lord! – A. O.
During a BDS a while ago, pastor prophesized that 2 people, who were expecting phone calls, would receive them. I received a call a few days in the office for salary negotiation from an interview I had earlier with a new company. I have since moved to the new company with more than double my former salary. Pastor also said that he saw a family relocating abroad in a BDS a while back, shortly afterwards I received a scholarship to study physics (M.Sc. & PhD) in Chicago, Illinois with tuition waiver and a monthly stipend. I was given the privilege to come with my wife. Glory to God.
Praise God. I had an education fair to go to with my mum. Unknown to me, my mum was praying in the car. I had been praying for admission into a university abroad. As soon as I got to the table for a university in Ireland, the lady said I will give you an admission in 5 days; and I received my admission letter in less than 4 days. – Sis. A. O.
In 2015, my family needed a financial breakthrough so I prayed that God would change my husband’s job to a better paying one. I was also jobless then. But, I realized that my husband loved the job, so I prayed that God should elevate him at his place of work. All glory to God, in just 2 years, my husband has been promoted twice and He (God) has blessed me with a source of living.
God has restored my family’s finances and I now own my own business. God has broken every yoke of delay in my family. I give all the glory to God.
I thank God for helping me in my exam yesterday. – Bro. I.
I thank God for blessing me with a baby boy. – Anonymous
I thank God for the safe delivery of my sister-in-law’s bouncing baby boy. I return all the glory to God Almighty. – Sis. B.
God gave me a future partner after so many years of waiting and trusting Him. – Anonymous