Bondages have the potential to obstructing prayers and they must be specifically addressed. There are also yokes that must be broken for you to move forward in life.

1. The Spirit of Fear (Roman 8:15): This is a demon of bondage.
Prayer Point: Father! I decree and declare that every spirit of fear in my life be bound in Jesus name.

2. The Spirit of Frustration: Its demonic purpose is to steal, kill & destroy. It discourages a person at the edge of breakthrough, leading him to give up easily. It brings error and causes a man to offend those whom he is not meant to offend. It puts a man under curses. An example is the spirit of suicide.
Prayer Point: Father! Every spirit of frustration I have inherited, I decree enough is enough; lose your hold over my life!

3. The Spirit of Confusion: This leads to a lack of purpose and confusion about everything in life. Persons afflicted by this spirit have no clear vision of what God has for them. Whatever influences you against the word of God for your life is a demon.
Prayer Point: Father! Every demon of confusion operating in my life, your time is up, let the ground open up and swallow you in Jesus name.

4. The Spirit of Backwardness: A demon that causes your past to be better than your present.
Prayer Point: Father, I reject backwardness and retrogression in my life!

5. The Spirit of Emptiness (Nahum 2:2): Its target is to empty a man of blessings and progress.
Prayer Point: Father! Every spirit of emptiness assigned to my life, pack your load and go in Jesus name.

6. The Spirit of Hatred and Resentment: It causes people to hate you for no cause. For some, it places an evil mark on them which chases their helpers away.
Prayer Point: Father! Every mark of hatred the enemy has placed on me, remove it by the blood of Jesus.

In this season of prayers and fasting, set a target or goal for your fast. Challenge God to touch all that you want Him to touch during this fast (information on back page).

I. You must trust in the Lord completely (Psalm 7:1). Stay away from sin and leave your expectations open because God is the only one who can lift you up.

II. Every minute of the day, declare the words of God (victory and success) to yourself. Pray in the Holy Ghost at all times.

III. Learn to fight the battle of the night (vigil). Make sure you pray between 12am (midnight) and 2am at least twice a week. Also read your bible at night.

IV. Pray for wisdom in this journey, because wisdom makes you sensitive to the devices of the enemy. Don’t fight with anyone.

V. Examine yourself whether you are a lawful captive (those who deserve to be afflicted). Watch what you watch, ear and where you go this season.

VI. Take a bold step to deliver yourself by declaring for Jesus.
This season of prayers and fasting must change you for better.

The January edition of the Breakthrough and Deliverance Service was a two day evet, Saturday evening (21st) and Sunday morning (22nd). Ensure you don’t miss the February edition.