SPEAK OUT – PART 2 (continued from Dec. 2017)

Pride, in most cases, is the reason why many do not seek for help when it is most needed. Pride is a destroyer; it has destroyed many great destinies, don’t let it destroy yours.
The Bible categorically says: “Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18).
Do not let the devil deceive you to make you think that you are so ‘anointed’ and therefore you can handle all challenges yourself. Nothing can be farther from the truth! Open up and ventilate your life for greater productivity and effectiveness. The bible says one shall chase a thousand and two shall put ten thousand to flight (Deuteronomy 32:30). What you are passing through might be more than what you alone can ‘chase’. It is not a shameful thing to open up to those who can be of help. Stop making excuses for things that are going wrong, having every reason in the world and explanation for why things are not the way they should be.
Making excuses for things that are going wrong is another reason why many suffer in silence. Jesus told a parable how a certain man made a great supper and invited many to come. Despite the fact that all things were ready, they all made excuses and did not attend. The bible says: “And they all, with one consent began to make excuses” (Luke 14:18).
The master of the house was angry with them and brought in others to take their places; due to excuses. Your place in destiny shall not be taken by another!
Abigail is an example of a wise woman as recorded in the bible (1 Sam. 25: 14-28). She could have used her husband’s foolishness as an excuse not to be liberal and that would have resulted to a blood bath in her home. Instead, she opened up:
“Let not my Lord, I pray thee; regard this man of Belial, even Nabal: for as his name is, so is he; Nabal is his name, and folly is with him: but I thine handmaid saw not the young men of my Lord, whom thou didst send. Now therefore, my Lord, as the Lord liveth, and as thy soul liveth, seeing the Lord hath withheld thee from coming to shed blood, and from avenging thyself with thine own hand, now let thine enemies, and thy seek evil to my Lord, be as Nabal” (1 Sam. 25: 25-26).
Stop making excuses for things that are going wrong, having every reason in the world and explanation for why things are not the way they should be. Instead, be a woman of wisdom, take action, make a move and seek help.
Pretence is behaving in a way that is intended to deceive people. Pretence is what the bible calls Hypocrisy. Jesus was always against Hypocrites. Speaking about this, the bible says: “Unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within Woe they are fall of extortion and excess” (Matt 23:25).
Stop covering up! Do not pretend that things are going on the right way when you know it is not. Who are you deceiving? Do you want to live in deceit all your life? Stop consoling yourself with the fact that it is so with everybody. You’ll be surprised that you are the only one left, still caught in the web of pretence; others have left! Wake up and begin to take action. Be open and sincere with yourself. Pretence is costlier than you think. When you pretend, you make a fool of yourself. In actual fact the person you are trying to impress through pretence might knows you more than you think.
When Jesus met that Samaritan woman beside the well, she appeared to be religious and she wanted to make Jesus feel that all was well with her (John 4:4-18). But, one revealing question from Jesus broke down her wall of pretence. The bible says: “Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy Husband, and come hither” (John 4:16).
Do not wait until your ball of pretence is punctured. Sit down and write those areas where you know that you need help and prayerfully begin to take action. Are you being faced with loneliness? Do you feel you are not giving your children adequate attention? May be your problem is finances or it has to do with ill health; don’t keep it to yourself.
There is no wisdom in dying in silence. Open up and give more meaning to your life