Last year, I fell sick to the extent that I did not know if I would make it till May. I thank God for putting the enemy to shame, even when the doctors could not find anything medically wrong with me, despite the series of tests that were carried out. In the middle of the night I would just wake up not able to tell what is wrong with me. Sometimes, I would come to church but there would be no life in me. I give glory to God for our Daddy, I would usually call him by 1: 00am everyday during this period to pray for me, he never declined and he even conducted series of deliverance for me. I thank God, who has not made me to be in the grave today. I thank God because, I called upon the name of Jesus and it worked for me. I thank God for the grace of God upon our father in the lord, May you continue to grow in strength and not fail, neither will you dwell in the valley of powerlessness in Jesus name, Praise the Lord!
Sis. F. O.

I thank God for the life he gave me to enjoy in 2017. I want to thank our pastor because he took good care of all widows including myself in the church. I also want to appreciate the Elders’ chairman for his support for the widows, as well as the Men’s fellowship for assisting the widows. Something terrible would have happened to me but in it all I saw Jesus. My first son had a terrible accident, the car that hit him had a faulty head lamp, by the time his friends took him to LUTH, blood was gushing out of his nose and head. However, at the hospital the scans and tests showed that he had no broken bones and he was treated. We later took him elsewhere for further treatment and I thank God that today, he doesn’t even look like he ever had that accident. I give glory to God.
Sis. T. A. D.

I thank God for what he has done in my life for his faithfulness for the past 15 years since we joined this church, I also want to appreciate Our father in the Lord for the opportunity he gave to me and my wife to serve in the church. It is by the special grace of God that we are still standing. Those who knew me in school would be able to tell that God has done wonderfully in my life. In the space of 15 years God has transformed my life to the point that I can boldly say that I am on my way to somewhere glorious!
Dcn. O.

In the later part of the year 2017, our daddy in the lord was teaching us on finishing strong. On 29th December, I went to buy something, I paid with a five hundred naira note but the woman did not have change so I asked for 200 worth of eggs. On my way home I sat by a friends shop. A woman approached the shop with her two children and while she was coming, the Holyspirit ministered to me that I should give her the eggs. As soon as I did, the woman knelt down and shouted, thank you Jesus! She further went to explain the she thank God for providing the eggs, because she was still thinking of what to eat. The woman had not moved up to 15 meters somebody when called me and gifted me with a sum of 15000 naira. I thank God because I obeyed, according to a point our daddy made that whoever one follows will determine one’s destination. May we continue to follow Christ in Jesus name.
Mr. E.

I just want to thank God for doing something so great and wonderful in my life. He ended 10 years stagnation. I started working in a company in Lagos in 2006. Shortly after that I was promoted and that was the end since 2007. When I was entering into the year 2017, I told God that I was going to do things differently for him, I made more efforts especially attending midweek programmes in church and the Lord told me that He would crown the year with goodness. In the second week of September, I was seated by my desk when a colleague came by and said she got a call that they needed certain people for senior positions in their organisation that she was told to bring along two other people and she thought of me. It was just like a joke, but within five weeks I got a wonderful job that I did not expect and did not struggle to get. God just decided to bless me. Praise the Lord
Sis. I. F.

In 2016, some people were laid off In my office from the beginning of the year till May. During the May 2017 Breakthrough and deliverance service, Pastor prayed for those searching for a Job, I stood up and received it with faith. A week later, my sister in-law asked me to take my CV somewhere, I did and I was interview and employed that same day. I was to resume on the 1st of June but resumed on the 12th. Six months after, an appraisal was done, I was confirmed and promoted, after the promotion, and we marked our end of the year party on the 17th of December. During the Awards and Appreciation of staff program and to my greatest surprise, I was awarded the best staff of the year in the senior category with a car gift. Praise the Lord!
Sis. N.

Anytime the pastor prophesies that we will not mourn over any of our family members I always key into it. I thank God that I did not mourn over my daughter; although she lost a seven month old pregnancy, I thank God that she is alive and well today. Praise mighty Jesus
Sis. A.

I want to give glory to God for what he has done in my life just last week. I want to appreciate our pastor for his words of encouragements. God gave me a New Year gift last week, a gift that has never been received neither in my father nor my mother’s family. Praise the Lord!
Mr. O. A.

I want to specially thank God for what He has done concerning my business, it started last year February and God has been awesome; the business has grown so big. I promised God that I would testify if He could grant the five things I asked of him. I told God I wanted an office space and He gave it to me, I asked for my own car and He gave me, I told God I wanted my own apartment and He gave it to me, I told God I wanted that special someone and He gave it to me. I also asked him to settle me financially and He did. Praise the living God!
Bro. G. S.

I want to encourage the youths, especially ladies not to look down on themselves. My daughter told me that she wanted to further her studies in the United States. I told her that I did not have enough to finance her. However she insisted and to the glory of God provided the funds for her to study abroad. Today she is doing her PhD and she has also made me a grandfather. I am grateful to God for the many other things he did late last year. I attended a programme in Abuja, on my arrival I saw many big companies including Choscharis among others. God gave me something that was unique that I didn’t realise on time. After the programme I was given a royal reception and that took me to another part of the country where I was also given a military excort. I was lodged in the command guest house where God provided everything for me. I also went to Tokyo and signed an agreement but I was looking down on that agreement. However, this morning as pastor was exhorting us, he mentioned that we should not drift but be steadfast. I then realised that it was my consistency that lifted me up and I must give God all the glory. I want to encourage us to be consistent in whatever we do and God would lift you up as He has lifted me up. Praise the Lord
Bro. M. C.

I want to appreciate God concerning my health. Late last year, the devil really tried but the Lord we serve is a Mighty God. As we celebrated the crossover service on the 31st December 2017, I could say I was the happiest person. This is because I could recollect that I spent the crossover of 2006 to 2007 on the sick bed. Also in July 2017, I almost celebrated my birthday at LUTH on the sick bed. I came to pastor with all the doctor’s report and he prayed for me. Ever since then I have been experiencing the mighty hand of God upon my health. Secondly, I thank God I did not cry over my first daughter. On their way to a programme, Experience, as they wanted to cross the road, she was almost hit by a motor bike that was taking one way. I thank God that I am not mourning today, neither is my daughter on the sick bed. Also, during the October breakthrough and deliverance service, Pastor was praying and sprinkling the oil over us, I noticed a blister on my hand which was very unusual and painful, the Holy Spirit ministered to me that it was not ordinary and ordered me to touch the alter with my hand, I did and the blister dried off the next day. Praise the Lord!
Sis. T. O.

Last year January, I went to school for my final clearance because I couldn’t do that immediately as there were some issues in school. So I went as soon as I was mobilized for NYSC. On getting to the academics section, it was discovered that none of my results was in the main campus, not even one of my results nor matric number was found. I was not told what the issue was, but I was not attended to. While I waited I unknowingly sat at the HOD’s office. The HOD came out and asked why I sat at his door; he saw tears in my eyes and decided to assist me. At the end of the day, he took me to the clearance office and signed my clearance without any delay. He only called of the lecturer who attested to the fact that I was a student and promised to send my results the next day. That was how I was able to go to camp. My primary assignment was in a very small community where snakes or scorpions were killed daily. It was as if we lived in their midst. I appreciate God that we were not attacked all through our stay there. I also want to thank God for a safe journey back home.
Sis. I.