Starting in Grace (Genesis 19:15 – 24)

To start in grace means that the grace of the Lord begins the year with you, see you through the year, end the year with you and defend you. The grace will fight your battles for you this year. In the passage, the bible succinctly highlights what the grace of God will do for you in 2018:

1. The grace of God will usher in angels of God, who will work for you and walk with you and your household in the mighty name of Jesus (Genesis 24:40). Brethren, there are walks you cannot walk alone. There are accomplishments in 2018 that you won’t be able to accomplish alone. This where the ministering of angels comes. In the NAME that is above every other name, in the year 2018, God, Who dispatched angels to walk with me, will dispatch angels to walk with you. God can use HIs angels to redeem you from all evils (Genesis 48 v 16). None of the evils in 2018 will come your way because the grace of God will usher in the angels of the Lord. Just like mountains surround Jerusalem, the angels of the Lord will surround you, your household, finances, business, going out and coming in and sleeping in Jesus name. So shall it be for you in 2018.

2. The Grace will make a way of escape for you and your household from any national and international disaster (Genesis 19 v 17). In 2017, there were lots of natural disasters all over the world that greatly affected nations but among those nations there were people who escaped. In the name of Jesus, wherever you go, natural disaster will not meet you. If you happen to be where a natural disaster takes place, the grace of the Lord will take you away in Jesus name. Wherever you go that an accident is waiting to happen, in the name of Jesus, the grace of the Lord will make you escape it.

3. The Lord will grant you every good desire of your heart in 2018 by grace (Genesis 19:21). You want to walk in prosperity, receive it by grace. You want to get married, receive it by grace. You need a good job, receive it by grace. You want to live in good health, receive it by grace.

4. The Lord will rain fire and brimstone upon your enemies (Genesis 19:24). Those who are saying they will trouble you, the Lord will trouble them. Everyone that will mention your name for evil this year, evil will follow them. Wherever your name is taken to for affliction, sickness, poverty and destruction, in the NAME that is above every other name, whatever they program against your name will backfire. Any conspiracy against you, all of them will scatter for your sake in Jesus name.

5. By grace your sun will rise again (Genesis 19 v 23). You will not know a better yesteryear. You will move to greater heights in Jesus name. The hand of the Lord will lift you up above your enemies in Jesus name. Until rapture comes, you will never come down in Jesus name. In 2018, you will arise and soar like the eagle in Jesus name. Everyone that says you will not arise will become your stepping stone in Jesus name.