THIS MOUNTAIN BE THOU REMOVED 2 (Jeremiah 51:20 – 25)

How To Move Mountains:

By decrees. Decrees are spoken words which are effective and impactful. These words are only as powerful as the person speaking them. Mountains will only move on the authority of the person making the decree because God has given man the freewill to determine what happens to mountains.

But you must note that you can only attack the mountain you recognize. This is because mountains can be the most unlikely things which you never thought of. May the Lord open your eyes to see what you need to see, so that you can pray the right prayers.

Your decree is only effective when you live a sin-free life (at this point the altar call was made).


  1. Every stranger hiding to wreak havoc in my life, I command you in the Mighty Name of Jesus, come out! (2 Samuel 22:45 – 46)
  2. Every demonic illegal occupant on the land of my destiny, hear ye the Word of the Lord, be evicted by fire! (Jeremiah 10:17 & 18)
  3. I command every root and tentacle of evil in my life, dry up by fire!
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