These are Questions Asked by Several Women and My Responses to Them. I Hope You Will Learn from Their Experiences.

Question 11

I have realized that my husband is having extra marital affairs; but he is so smart, every time I am set to catch him, he escapes. I found a condom in his travelling bag. He sleeps with the housemaid and anything in skirt.


It is time us sisters watch the kind of housemaids and people we bring into our homes. A lot of times, it is because we are too lazy to fix things in our homes and become so desperate for assistance that we bring just anyone into the house anybody without thinking twice about it. Monitor whomever lives with you. At times, some husbands do not want to have an extramarital affair with the maid or female persons living with them, but the carelessness of their wives lead them to this. Do not leave your kitchen nor husband’s food as your maid or sister’s duty. Your maid is to serve you and not your husband, while you are to serve your husband. If you are getting a chef, get a man. And at every point make sure your spiritual antenna is open to sense any danger. We all know our husbands and if you know your husband is the type that is easily tempted by women, then don’t get a maid, instead get a male domestic staff or someone who will work and leave at the end of the working day. Do not tempt a lion with a goat. Christian brothers, ministers and pastors are most vulnerable to this because the devil is always looking for a way to destroy their testimonies. So be careful, watch and pray. With regards to the condoms found in your husband’s luggage, don’t fight him. Pretend like you didn’t see it and when you are a bit relaxed, gently ask him about it. Definitely, he would lie because you said he is smart. Believe whatever story he tells you and continue to pray for him. Most wise men at that point will restrict themselves and stop.



I realize that I am still very much in love with my ex, even though I am married. Men are flirting with me and whenever I tell my husband, he turns it around to blame me that it is either what I wear or how I present myself. I met my ex on Facebook and he wants us back.


My sister, you are in a dangerous zone, most women who commit adultery do not just start in a day. It is a process. This shows that there is a problem between you and your husband. There is a vacuum your ex left which your husband has not filled. First, you need to quickly talk to the nearest sensible marriage counsellor. The moment you are married, you have no friendship, no matter how little, with your ex. It is unfortunate that social media does not make this easy. It still links old friends together, by so doing allowing them to revive old feelings. As a child of God, don’t accept a friend request from your ex on Facebook. If you do, it is a matter of time, you will soon start discussing matters from the good old days. Flee from all appearances of evil. Emotions don’t die easily. Some men, when you tell them what you are going through, that men flirt with you they understand but not so jealous to the point of blaming you; but most men will surely use it against you. A woman who is beautiful, no matter her age and marital status, will attract men. It now depends on you, a child of God, to decide against entertaining advances from other men, not because of your husband, but because you don’t want to sin against God. You did not vow to your husband alone, you also vowed not to sin against God too.

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