Psalm 30:5
I welcome you very specially into 2021, your year of joy and exceptional victory. It is my prayer for you that you and your household will experience unending joy this year in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.
The year that just passed, 2020, was exceptionally challenging. It witnessed quite a lot of issues that attracted international, national, local and individual concerns ranging from health challenges to economic crisis across the globe, and at some point the entire world had to shut down due to the pandemic which also affected physical gathering in the church. Inspite of these, Exodus 33:19 became a reality in our lives, glory be to God in the highest.
It is important this year to understand the dimension of Joy from the presence of the Lord. For the Joy of the Lord to locate you, it is essential you must know Him and accept Him as your personal Lord and Savior. One of the emphasis of Daddy G.O.’s message and prophecy for the year is that your relationship with God will determine the extent of your joy and breakthrough, therefore, get ready to cultivate a cordial relationship with God by putting away all forms of idols in your life, be prayerful and do not forsake the assembly of God’s people, and it shall be well with you in Jesus Name.
As you have crossed over into the new year, Psalm 30:5 is coming into fulfillment in your life. Throughout this year and beyond:
– Joy unlimited,
– God’s favour,
– Victory on all sides,
– Divine health,
– Recovery of lost ground,
– Closer walk with God.
You are welcome into your season of celebration in Jesus Name.
1) Thank God for the past year and for bringing you into the new year.
2) Father, I commit my ways into Your able Hands. This year, please guide me in all my endeavors in Jesus Name.
3) I decree that no weapon formed or fashioned against me and my household will prosper this year and even beyond in Jesus Name.
4) I declare my life free from any form of ailment and virus attack in Jesus Name.
5) I receive joy unending in every area of my life in Jesus Name.