There are 6 reasons why a child of God must not be afraid.

1. God can do anything to rescue His children (Joshua 10: 12-14).
2. The enemies of God’s children shall not go unpunished (Isaiah 35:4).
3. God can feed the enemies with their own flesh and blood (Isaiah 49:26).
4. God can scatter the language of the enemies and cause confusion in their midst. Psalm 35:4, 26; 70:2).
5. God can be provoked into action on your behalf by your prayers, fasting and praises (2 Chronicles 20:4 -6, 21 & 22).
6. The battle is not yours (2 Chronicles 20:15).

Do you know that it is more dangerous for God to fight your enemies than for you to fight them? In the name of Jesus, God will fight your enemies today. But, God will not fight for a sinner (Isaiah 35:8). This makes salvation your greatest weapon because it gives you boldness. And boldness is the opposite of fear.

During this powerful service, these were some of the prophetic words released – repaired destinies, cancelled clinical reports, cages of limitation broken and the blotting out of the effects of evil incisions on bodies. And 45 new people were in attendance.

Prayer Points:
1. Father release unto me today the Angels of power and battle in the name of Jesus.
2. Serpent of God, swallow every serpent of the enemy in my life in Jesus name.
3. Thou power of God deliver me today in the name of Jesus.
4. Oh God of Elijah demonstrate your power now in my life.
5. O Lord arise! Let my enemies begin to destroy themselves in Jesus name.

The Breakthrough and Deliverance Service is specially designed for the liberation of God’s people, don’t miss this month’s edition … it is going to be wonderful.
Fear not, for the battle is not yours but God’s.

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